Cole Tac Waxed Canvas Grip Bag

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Cole Tac Waxed Canvas Grip Bag  well rounded design that works on any barricade , waxed canvas is makes it very pliable to fill around any shape

Introducing the Grip Bag: Your Ultimate Shooting Companion!

The Grip Bag is designed to enhance your PRS-style shooting experience.

This barricade shooting bag is a must-have for precision shooters seeking top-notch performance.

Waxed canvas ensures stability on any shooting surface. Say goodbye to slips and repositioning during critical shots, as this bag remains firmly in place, improving your shooting accuracy.

Color : Black

SIZE:  L x W x H   23x14x15 cm

Weight:  1 kg filled with Git lite light fill- factory standard

Up to 3.5kg with heavy fill sand or glass media





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