Lowey Bolt Protector Anschutz 64

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Lowey Bolt protector

Made in Australia by Lowey Products of Adelaide. This is a high-quality bolt protector which has been designed to house the bolt and automatically release the pressure from the spring when inserted. It also protects the bolt from dust/dirt, knocks, and falls and is an excellent accessory for storage and transportation of your rifle. It is a must have for every shooter, as many jurisdictions around the World now require the bolt to be transported and stored separately from the rifle.

Fits  Anschutz 64
Made from plastic, so it doesn’t damage the bolt in any way
Releases pressure on the spring – promoting longevity – and maintaining consistency in spring pressure
Keeps bolt protected from dust and dirt
Removable end cap to enable easy cleaning
Alleviates the need for touch – reducing possible bolt corrosion through skin oils
Keeps bolt gun oils, free of dust and dirt
Protects bolt from being damaged through knocks and bumps
Excellent casing for storage of bolt when separate from the rifle
Bolt protector is resistant to gun lubricants
The bolt protector will decock the bolt when inserted removing pressure from the spring.
Ensure that the bolt is cocked when inserting into the bolt protector.




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