SG Training Shot Timer

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The SG Training Shot Timer is a versatile and advanced tool designed for shooters of all skill levels. Thanks to the adjustable sensitivity, it is suitable for different firearms and calibers, even for dry training. While recording all the data, this device is synchronized with a special phone application to record videos in real time with statistics and also share them with your friends if you want to.

From AEG and CO2 to any firearm caliber. Suppressed included.
Choose one of the presets or adjust the sensitivity yourself for more precise recognition.

The app also allows you to create and run virtual shooting exercises, providing a customizable and unique training experience. With SG Training Shot Timer, you can improve your shooting skills and track them in real time.

The SG Timer is designed for regular shooting and dry practice sessions.

Drills mobile app expands the functionality of SG Timer more than you can imagine.

Capture video with shot data, watch your progress, control the timer remotely, compete with and more.

Lightweight, splashproof — water resistant, easy to carry and operate. The screen of the SG timer is backlit and clearly visible in any condition.

Why choose Smart Timer?

• Large and good resolution screen
• Very durable and moisture resistant
• Compared to other timers on the market, extremely durable battery (approx. 30 days)
• Belt clip with magnet
• The best acoustic sensor on the market

The Smart Timer weighs cca 300g


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